Greatness is a lonely road.

Most people don’t want to be great.

Because it’s harder. And harsher. And more inconvenient.

It demands too much of your time and requires too much of your attention.

It is big and loud and needy.

It’s a beautiful masterpiece that people would rather stare at from a distance than paint with their own hands.

Watch, and not touch.

Admire, not unleash…

When you choose greatness you instantly downsize your ability to connect and converge and communicate with the majority of the people around you.

Because you stop speaking “average.” And stop accepting “ok.” And “nice” becomes just too damn low of a bar.

Most people would rather play it safe and simple and stationary than take the steps necessary to spark their unlit soul.

And when you choose greatness, you’re always burning. Blazing. A fearless flame…

The decision to be great – to live your greatness, your best and most passionate life – is lonesome.

But keep going…