I run this same route 5 times a week. Document it every time. Every time.

Quick video when I start or still photo when I finish. I have made a habit of capturing the monotony of dream building the last few years. It’s become a ritual; an ode to the less glamorous part of the journey. Because we often focus on the highs and lows, the obscurities and abnormalities.

But it’s the day-to-day grind that makes up the vast majority of the Path. That repetitive process of getting up and working your butt off to create and design and develop and pitch and listen and sell and learn and evolve and reset and reload.

To fail and fall, then dust yourself off and be ready again by morning. Over and over. Day after day. Cross the same bridge 1000 times until finally something ignites.

That is the forgotten element of entrepreneurship. It’s the forgotten piece of building anything, really. Hidden under the mystique and majesty of creation is the slog. You have to be just as dedicated to it as you are enamored by the ornaments and milestones.

It is not sexy. It is not shiny. It looks boring and uneventful to most people. Unspectacularly redundant.

But it is where IT all happens… the PROCESS. The process is not pretty, but it’s the only way you can make something beautiful…

Looking forward to seeing this bridge again tomorrow night.