Sometimes we need a reset.

And I believe that letting yourself loose into the wild, falling into the welcoming arms of nature, is the most poignantly powerful reset button you can push.

Whatever you’re going through, you can get out of it if you get outside. The pain and the problems may not disappear, but your perspective will dilate. It will stretch and expand as you seek and explore. Your state of mind will be silently seduced by the scents and signals and signs that decorate your path.

Nature has an amazing ability to inject an unfiltered, unfettered, unmistakable surge of gratefulness, gratitude and humility straight into our soul… Clear your head in the clearing. Face your fears on the mountain. Confess your sins to the ocean. Bandage your broken heart off the beaten path…

If you need to feel what you’re feeling, or heal where you’re hurting, step outside…

And then, as you’re searching for everything and nothing, soaking in the sentiments of all that’s around you, the wind will whisper its most precious secret: that the answers are all INSIDE you.

Much love.