You will never grow standing still.

You need to move. You need to see different places. You need to experience different things.

You need to shake hands and share laughs with people who look nothing like you.

You need to learn to ride foreign subways and wander unfamiliar streets.

For sure, “travel” is the ideal. It’s amazing – better than any Ivy League education. I learned more in my travels in the US and abroad than in any other scenario or setting (46 countries and 48 states of lessons). It’s always-on inspiration. Your senses come alive and your mind is turned on. Your creative juices erupt and flow.

But I know we all can’t hop on a plane whenever we want. And that’s ok.

If you can’t visit another country, go see another state. If you can’t see a new state, drive to another city. If you can’t do that, jog to another neighborhood. If that’s not possible, walk to a different corner of your driveway…. whatever you do, just MOVE.

This world has so much depth and so many layers. To really see it, to really appreciate its beauty and understand its pain, you have to view it from different angles.