Floating in an ocean of unforgiving answers.
Bathing in a potion of uncleaned seas.
Staring at the surface of unsanitary standards.
Glaring at a purpose that falls far short of me.

Hunting and hiding.
Taunting and guiding.
Hoping for a bigger, and better, and more dangerous place to breathe.

Longing for longer conversations.
Searching in subliminal sentences.
Wishing for wider waters and a wave that will set me free.

Liberated and alone.
Celebrated and exposed.
Two sides of the same world.
Two lines in the same word.
Too many two many’s to make sense of each and any.

Everything and nothing, and then all things all at once…
Drowning and drifting.
Reaching and racing from love.

Find me.

Touch me.

Teach me how to swim.

Show me the righteous direction.
Tempt me with genuine affection.
Hold me with your sinking feelings,
Then scold me with your silent dreams.
Scrape me from sentimental ceilings,
And drape me over temperamental things.

Remind me where I’m sailing.
Rescue my shades of blue.
Forgive my fractured failings.
Fix me in the shape of you.

I’ve been waiting in these waters.
I’ve been wading in these waters.
I’ve been waning in these waters…

Save me.

Take me deeper.
And show me how we dive.
Make me cleaner.
And show me what’s inside.
Hold me nearer.

And show me I’m alive.



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