Of course you can’t see me. I’m on the other side now.

Crossing through contradiction and fighting past false fiction, to find the truth that’s been hiding in front of my eyes… and touch the answers that sleep awake in my soul.

On the opposite side of my world, spun, stirred and swirled… learning new languages, reflecting my anguishes, opening my mind to everything, and anything, that scares me…

Discovering this dream that’s been calling my name for years and whispering my secrets for decades… Reaching for this moment before all of the light fades…

THIS, is EXACTLY where I was meant to be…

Free from “supposed to” and “I told you” because that’s not me and I ain’t you, and my life yearns to be fed by my passion… And my mind deserves to be led by my actions.

No more drinking their disbelief, no more shrinking from bigger dreams, I am no longer intoxicated by their rules, roles or routines.

I’m so damn sober I can touch my “knows” with my eyes closed. Walk a straight line without taking my wise dose. Pass any test and perform any testimony that speaks to the importance of following my destiny.

I’ve let go of my fears and left my regrets behind me, stuffed Should’ve in the closet, didn’t tell Would’ve where to find me… I’m long gone, and so strong, and I know NOW that this is life-long, because I wasn’t born to survive on “good enough”… I was built to reach high for what I love.

I’m here now. On the opposite side. So much to run to… No desire to hide.

Exploring the world, and revealing myself. Ignoring their words and breaking out of their shells. Owning my life and zoning my senses, this vision of mine is too big for fences…

Fingers in fists. Eyes straight ahead. What I gotta do now, doesn’t need be said. It’s all in the feeling. Nothing lost in translation. This time, it’s a lifestyle… not a destination.