Take me for a walk.
Not the perfectly paved kind, or the ones with lines and stripes on the sides.
No crossing guards or flashing lights.
No guided paths or harmless handrails.
No leash.

Take me to the forest.
Where the road erodes and the trail begins and each step is a statement of discovery.
I want to see things…
Not the things that have been planned or planted.
Not the signs that came without a price.




The forces often overlooked, and undervalued.
The simple powers that speak to me for hours.
I want to touch those.

I want to watch the light find the cracks in the trees and still have enough power to lead the way.

I want to listen to the symphony of sounds that would play with or without a crowd, and hear the secrets they share between sessions.

I want the dirt to cover my tracks so that I don’t ruin the adventure for those that come after me.

I want the names erased and the numbers changed and the scents seduced to sight unseen.

I want to find myself as I lose myself in these woods.

So leave me.
And then let me go.
Once my mind is open, and my soul is free.
Once my dreams break loose from the cage of me.
Once the picture of my visions match the mixture of my decisions,
And once I feel, and fly, and grow.

Once I love…

I will make my way back home.



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