I spent Thanksgiving on an airplane. Soaring over the Atlantic… Surrounded by people but alone in my thoughts. Draped by endless skies, and guided by thoughtful stars.

There’s something about flying that awakens your senses… opens your heart. You picture what matters… Who matters… See faces in the clouds…

Your conscience speaks up, and your fears calm down. And, as you float on top of the world, you realize you have so much to be thankful for…

I’m thankful for opportunity. Grateful for chance. For the ability and the appetite to go after whatever I want… choose my own adventure… listen to my gut… Surrender to my soul, and follow my heart… Most of the time, the only thing that holds us back is ourselves. We wrap chains around our own feet. We handcuff our happiness to the ground… We lock our dreams in the closest… But, we also hold the key. All we have to do is turn it. And set ourselves free… and give ourselves the opportunity of our lifetime.

I’m thankful for failure. Blessed by mistakes… For losing enough to keep me humble… and hungry… We don’t learn much when we win. ┬áBut Failure is our greatest teacher. It points out our weaknesses, shines a light on our insecurities, and examines our flaws with a magnifying glass. It brings us face to face with our fears and challenges us to take a swing or get knocked the f*ck out… Failure reminds us that nothing worth anything is given to us… We need to earn it. Everyday.

I’m thankful for love. Touched by feeling. For finding and falling, living and losing. For the sacred sentiments that soothe my soul. For silent sentences and screaming stares… For slow kisses and soft goodbyes… For love that lasts even when the moment passes… memories that linger… For broken hearts that shatter into so many pieces you don’t know where to start cleaning up… Or how to glue them back together… But you do. You see the cracks, but after time, you don’t feel them… For having loved. And been loved. And wanting to love again.

And most of all, I’m thankful for people. For conversations with strangers. For shared cab rides. For spare change to feed the meter, and unexpected compliments to uplift the spirit. For family… Mom’s unreachable standards, unmatchable will, and unbreakable affection. Dad’s quiet strength, restrained wisdom, and belly-busting laugh. Brother’s that have transformed from roommate to rival, enemy to educator, confidant to counselor… Family that tells the same stories every year, that never get old…

I’m thankful.



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