As part of this #besomebody journey, I run into a lot of people who feel ‘stuck.’

Stuck in between what they have to do, and what they want to do. Stuck in between the job that pays the bills, and the dream that lights the fire. Stuck in between a bad relationship and the chance for a better one. Stuck between the fear of past failures and the possibility of future success.


And what I’ve noticed is that, unfortunately, a lot of the times when we feel that stuck-ness, we stop. It paralyzes us. We don’t know how to get from point A to point K, so we stop moving all together. And that’s honestly the WORST thing you can do.

You gotta keep moving. Keep working. Keep building. Understand where you want to end up (‘the vision’), and then put your head down and dive into the day-to-day (‘the moment’). And most of the time, the day-to-day is not fun. It’s a grind. It’s up and down. It’s 47 no’s” before you get one “yes.” It’s a ton of trial and error. It’s haters and naysayers and people who are in it for the wrong reasons. It’s getting screwed. It’s taking chances and placing bets, with a hell of a lot more losing than winning. It’s this crazy schizophrenic dance between “holy sh*t I’m doing it!” to “oh my god I can’t take this anymore”… It’s nuts, and not easy. The day-to-day can be daunting when you think about everything all at once.

But don’t let the BIGNESS of your vision keep you from doing the LITTLE things in this moment.

It will all come, but only if you move towards it. One purposeful, powerful, painstaking step at a time.