I have a pretty cool job.

I rack up tons of frequent flyer miles and stacks of reward points. I have more gold, platinum and diamonds in my wallet than most Arab Sheikhs. And I have enough rainbow-colored money in my pockets to open my own Currency Exchange (I promise I’ll charge better rates than hotels and airports).

People notice the more “glamorous” aspect of the job and focus on the curbside appeal… but what’s often overlooked is the effort and energy that needs to be put in behind the scenes.

The work is nonstop because when you’re pushing boundaries there are no days off. Timezones are a sworn enemy, mercilessly cracking the whip because it’s always midday in some part of the world.

I play the role of secretary as much as manager, and, on most days, I swallow more pride than saliva.

But in the relentless race to pitch new ideas, push new thinking, or plead for more funding… the prize is the opportunity to pioneer new ground for the Company. With this job, if I want to change the game, I have a global stage to reinvent the rules.

There’s a magical energy that comes from connecting with people and sharing ideas across continents. The diversity of cultures and variety of perspectives makes the hard work worthwhile. And it’s the amazing, five-senses-stimulation of experience that make it a blessing… truly life-changing.

When I first got this assignment, I wanted to see the world alone.

Every man has a little Marco Polo inside of him… Magellan-esque tendencies that accent our actions… An ancestral urge to seek, discover, and conquer.

There is an Explorer inside us all.

I wanted to sit alone on mountaintops and lay isolated on desert dunes… look up at the stars from remote lands and distant beaches… think about life, learn myself, and find my Purpose.

And I have.

I’ve climbed The Great Wall, explored the Great Pyramids, and sailed the “Great River”…

I’ve been hypnotized by skylines from New York to Dubai to Hong Kong, and been romanced by landscapes from France to Spain to Switzerland.

I’ve downed baijiu with Chinese Governors, smoked shisha with Saudi businessmen, and tasted chicken adobo with Filipino friends.

Seeing the world opened my eyes, unlocked my mind, and deep cleansed my heart… The irony about travel is that the farther you go, the more you learn about yourself.

And what I learned most, is that I had it all wrong.

It wasn’t the moments of solitude that were the most fulfilling… it was the experiences shared with others.

While we can all benefit from some solo-soul-searching at times, my theory of exploring entirely on my own was short-sighted.

Life’s artistry is meant to be shared. Our most treasured moments are painted by people. And our most sacred memories are decorated by loved ones.

Beauty inspires Beauty…

Every time you feel, hear, or see something beautiful, who do you think of? What faces come to mind? Those PEOPLE should become your priorities.

It’s not about losing independence, it’s about gaining dependability. We all need someone to share our wins and losses with… someone to echo our excitement and reflect our pain. To laugh with and scream at.

My travels have taught me that pretty faces, fast cars, and flashy things are easy to find. Real people, real chemistry, and real compassion are the true gems worth searching for…

Whether we’re traveling the world or sitting in our backyards, the view is always better with someone by our side.


Kash $

ps – Mom, don’t get too excited. I’m not getting married anytime soon. 🙂