I am deaf.

I can’t hear the skeptics. I won’t listen to suspicion.  The sound of doubt is foreign, and faded.  Negativity is noise that goes unnoticed. My ears aren’t pierced by the sting of Disbelief.

I am dumb.

I don’t speak to surrender. Don’t say a word to defeat. “Give up” and “Give in” are too small to fit inside my mouth. Quit has never been a part of the conversation. My lips don’t make the shape of Excuses.

I am blind.

I won’t look past this moment. I can’t see beyond this chance.  The stare of tomorrow is blurred by the vision of today. Yesterday’s gaze is far from inspection. My eyes aren’t open to the sight of Regret.

I am here. Deaf, dumb, and blind. Numb to all they say is impossible. Naked to all they say is impure.

I am senseless…

So I succeed.


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