How much should I pay for this dream?

I don’t need this house. I need four walls and some peace of mind.

I don’t need this car. I need the ride of a lifetime.

I don’t need expensive things. I need rich conversation.

The material is muted. And mundane. And monotonous.

The superficial is stale.

The view from the top is never as beautiful as the rise from the bottom.

You can’t hold me captive with these gold-plated chains.

I will not surrender to the sum of your high-dollar parts.

The toll of your disbelief is outweighed by the charge of my determination.

The cost of this cause is my reward.

My Hope is not for sale.

My Principles cannot be bought.

My Purpose will not accept bribes.

I am wealthy with ideas and loaded with ambition.

I am stacked with belief and booming with energy.

I am trading glory for guts…

I will not discount my dreams.

My value is in my values.

My faith is my fortune.

My passion is worth the price.

Keep your cash.

I want change.

Forget the money…

I want meaning.


Kash  $