Can you make your words dance?

Twisting and twirling emotion into a tango of terms and a salsa of sentences…

Swaying back and forth between the candor of truth and the mystery of context clues…

Paragraphs guided by beat and punctuation channeled by rhythm, all within the echoes of the dot-dot-dot

A story that leaps from a page or bounds from your tongue in a masterfully choreographed ballet of expression…

And dancing is just the start.

If you can master language and conquer literacy, you’re well equipped to take on any challenge.

I’ve always believed that eloquence of speech and deftness of composition are the rarest, and most powerful, of weapons.

And if words are weapons, then perfecting their use and refining their delivery is power. Keeping them constructive is our responsibility. Fueling them with positivity is our opportunity.

Your ability to communicate is what will separate you from your competition, distinguish you from colleagues, and differentiate you from the masses. It will allow you to inspire and to lead.

History’s greatest leaders were all connoisseurs of communication. They each knew how to maneuver and compose words to incite a reaction or infuse an idea. Some used it for good – Lincoln, Churchill, Mandela, Kennedy, King, Ali… others for destruction.

Even today, while people vigorously debate the merits of our current President, no one can argue his gifts as an orator and a motivator.

Our beliefs may guide us, and our actions may define us, but our words can captivate those around us.

It’s not about being a walking dictionary or human almanac. And it’s definitely not about spending every Tuesday night at your local watering hole punching answers to trivia questions into a beer-soaked keypad. You don’t need to quote Shakespeare.

It’s about making a commitment to prioritize articulate exchanges and practice meaningful conversation. It’s about speaking with purpose and writing with passion. It’s taking time to harmonize with others while never losing sight of your personal melody.

Perfecting our ability to listen and tell and share is a lifetime process. Recognize the power in your words and the potential in your writing. Nurture it.

You don’t have to talk the most to SAY the most.

Influential communication is a combination of timing, tenor, and tone… it’s about depth and cadence. Every sentence is a symphony. And when played right, it’s music to our ears.


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