If I ever talk to you again, I’d like to understand a few things.

Clarify confusion… Define desire…

I’d like to talk about love, and life, and possibilities.

I’d like to talk about dreams…

I’d like to write our thoughts on walls and spray paint our emotions on sidewalks…

Graffiti our feelings on historical monuments.

I’d like to draw circles around our passions and trace our regrets back to our fears.. Scribble our promises with magic markers and scrawl our plans with unsharpened pencils.

I’d talk back to Time. Argue with Necessity and arm wrestle with Fate.

Beat the shit out of Never.

Put my hands around Maybe’s neck and squeeze until he didn’t make a sound…

Because it either IS, or it ISN’T… Either we do, or we don’t.

We make it happen, or we watch it fade.

So let’s forget our fears. Ignore what’s “normal”… Dropkick our demons and disregard our defects.

Skip the salutations and overlook the goodbyes..

Let’s picture perfection. And turn all these thoughts into action… make the move we were born to make.


Let’s relearn how to love and rework how to live… And let’s do it all next time we talk.

Because this conversation could last a lifetime.


Kash $

Photo by: Brett Watts. Austin, TX. USA.