To build something great, it’s gotta be bigger than you.

It’s gotta serve more than your wallet, or your resume, or your ego.

It’s gotta ignite more than your own passions.

The “experts” say it just needs to solve a problem. But I believe it has to make a difference. It’s gotta truly help people.

Sure, your own financial success most definitely can/should be a part of it. Pursuit of personal legacy or celebrity or influence may play a role.

Yes, you should enjoy it. And of course, you want to make your mama proud.

But the larger purpose, the greater mission, has got to be about others.

It has to be more about meaning than money.

It has to be more about fulfillment than fame. And it’s gotta be a lot more giving than getting.

Those are the missions worth fighting for…

Those are the missions that make you feel alive.