I don’t believe we only have “one life.”

I believe we have multiple lives during this one existence. Reincarnation happens with a steady heartbeat. And the more you’re creating and building and learning and searching and exploring and giving, the more “lives” you experience. The LESS of the above that you do, the less lives you go through.

Ever meet someone who’s EXACTLY the same, and doing pretty much the same thing as when you met them 10-15-20 years ago? Is that a bad thing? If they’re happy, no, it means they found “it.” If they’re unhappy or uncertain or regretful or fearful or disappointed or disengaged or complaining or contrite… then for sure, they stopped too soon. They settled for that “one life”, instead of searching for – creating – the next one.

As you move from life to life, you can change a lot. The more drastic the shift or the more dramatic the jump, the more different you can become. As long as you are learning, and leveraging that learning, it’s always all good. Good change can come from bad experiences. We often forget that. Some of the greatest things were born from some of the worst times.

The one part of you that remains constant from life to life is your soul. You can’t change your soul. And that’s a good thing. That’s the real you – without all the dressings and costumes and filters and layers. Your soul is always beautiful. Though sometimes it takes many “lives” to realize it.

So yeah… forget this whole “one life” stuff. When you’re happy, stop. If you’re not, keep going. Don’t settle for your current life if you’re not where you want to be. Don’t forget you can change lives by just deciding to go to the next.

Don’t spend so much time mourning your past life that you prevent yourself from creating a new one. Keep flowing, from one life to the next, until you find the “life” that feels most like home.

And most of all, remember to be grateful for the lives you lived, and the people you’ve met along the way.