The Middle of the journey is lonely.

No crowds like at the start.

No medals like at the finish.

No chanting or clapping or cheering.

No bands playing and no cars honking.

No sidelines streaming with supporters…

Just you. And your dream.

Alone in the center of your vision.

One foot in front of the other.

The quiet noise of your unnoticed breath, and the steady beat of your fully-focused steps, dancing together in perfectly imperfect rhythm.

It’s easy to burst out of the starting blocks, and exciting to race toward the finish line.

But the Middle is where the magic happens…

The Middle is where your muscles grow.

The Middle is where your dream takes shape.

The Middle is where you lose your way or confirm your direction.

The Middle is where you ask yourself the most honest, most painful of questions:

“Is it worth it?”

“How much further?”

Should I stop?“….

The Middle is where you decide to keep going.