I wonder.

I wonder what will happen if I just do it. Take a chance. Make a move I wasn’t supposed to make. Hit when the book says to hold. Raise the stakes. Call my own bluff… and go all in…

If I step on the gas instead of slamming the brakes… Ditch the GPS and dropkick the tour guide. Make a hard left when the road turns right… Get my tires dirty… Forget the signals, and follow the Signs.

If I just went for it… Stopped over-thinking and over analyzing. Stopped over over-everything-ing. And go. If I took a hard look at Fear and said, ‘you know what, if I go down, I’m taking you with me. You piece of shit.’

If I told Maybe to get out of my face, wrapped my hands around Indecision’s neck, and locked Coulda, Woulda, and Shoulda in the closet with their hands bound, their feet tied, and their mouths duct taped to the floor… and torched the place.

If I stopped worrying about what other people may think… Or say.. Or do… Turn off all the talk, and just listen to that one Voice. The quiet one. The calm one. The one that’s deep and daring. The one that’s been whispering for years

If I confessed that refraining isn’t an option…  That not trying is a hate crime. That passing up potential is the worst form of punishment. That inaction is a life-sentence for doing nothing… That failures fade, but Regrets haunt forever…

If I believed that this one chance… the tiny possibility… the small, small promise of promise… of greatness… of Magic… was enough to pull me in.. and push me forward.. and carry me through…

If I just decide that she, and this, and it… ALL of it…  is just worth it… No matter what. Win or lose. Pleasure or pain. Happiness or hurt… If I let myself fall, without worrying about the shape of the surface below. Or the strength of the net…

If I said today’s the day.  Now or never. And finally… Finally…

Now wins.


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