I can’t take this picture.
I can’t touch this camera.
This land is too perfect for this lens.
This moment is too big for this frame.
The flash is too slow and too short and too sudden.
The settings could never capture this scene.

I have to keep it…
To myself, in my eyes, and for my soul.
For the times when life takes its toll.
Freeze it on the front-shelf of my mind.
Seize it before it falls too far behind.
Hold it.

Hold it.

Place my hands onto this sky, and these stars, and this moon.
Wrap my heart around this sea.
Tuck these waves into corners of my fears.
Pour these waters over the curves of my tears.
A healing ocean.
A secret potion.
A remedy for everything the future brings that doesn’t feel as beautiful as right now.

No pictures, no portraits.
No evidence you can touch, taste or see.
Just the quiet calm of knowing,
That this moment is for me.