Beat me and bruise me.

Pound me in my gut.

Put your fist through my face and elbow the shit out of my faults.

Bloody my nose and break my smile. Give my optimism a black eye. Leave my faith sore and staggered and swollen.

Kick me when I fall.

Knock the wind out of my belief and have me gasping for answers… Drag me down to your level so I can remember the smell.

I want to feel your hate. I want to taste your venom. I want to see your envy oozing from my pores. Daze me with your jealousy and stone me with your deceit.

Rip me to shreds.

Because progress does not come without penalty. Potential is not met without punishment. Peace is not found without panic.

And promise is a sucker punch away…

It must be painful before it becomes possible.

So hit me… Because I can take it. And my dreams are too big to be handled lightly. And my bar is too high to touch with gentle fingers.

I don’t want average or OK or good enough. I don’t want better.

I want best.

So hurt me.

Because it hurts to be great.


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