Stop focusing on money.

It’s a tool. Not a treasure. A means, not a measure.

Money’s a symptom, not a purpose…. Worship your income, and life is worthless.

So follow your passion.

And then work HARD.

Not the kind of work you talk about and whine over. But the work that happens in silence, without sirens and without exposure.

Work that keeps you up late and wakes you up early, writing your passage and igniting your journey.

Work that comes to life when no one’s watching, long before the lights come on and far after the crowds are gone.

Work that leaves you bruised and battered, and beautiful…  hurting your body, but healing your soul.

Work that is love, because you’re chasing YOUR dream and embracing YOUR destiny. Nothing worth remembering is easy, painless or free.

There is always a price to pay.

But if you go ALL IN, and fall in… no excuses, abuses or inaction. No side ways or smokescreens or superficial satisfaction.

No lying to yourself…

No bullshit.

Then, you’ll truly succeed.