Standing at the edge of the ocean. One foot on shaky ground. The other skimming sea salt. Toes dipped slightly below the surface. Eyes locked firmly beyond the horizon… Looking. Staring.

Envisioning a distant land. Imagining a new world.

I don’t know what I will face. I don’t know what will hurt me… how harsh the waters or how angry the wind… I don’t know how long, or how fast, or how hard I will fall.

Or how high I’ll rise…

I don’t have any evidence. No compass or convoy. No tried and true.

No proof. No data. No science or no substance that can be counted, collected, or measured.

I just believe.

I just have this feeling. This deep, strong, screaming suspicion. Hope guiding my gut. Vision lighting my mind. Faith setting fire to my soul

Day after day. Morning after moonrise. I know it’s out there. I can see it with my eyes closed.

Don’t ask me how, or why, or when. Don’t make me explain.

Just let me follow this feeling. Let me sail to this dream.

I was made to wonder. I was born to wander. I am destined to explore.

I am ready to find.


Kash  $


Photo by: Kash Shaikh. San Francisco, CA. USA.