Everyone is blind, but you.

Everyone is blind but you.
No one can see what you do.
That picture in your mind,
That dream that you define,
That vision, that mission, that truth.

We spend so much time waiting and erasing and replacing,
Just because someone else doesn’t believe.
We give away our passions and live delayed and distracted,
Based on what others can’t conceive.

“That’s not possible, not plausible, not sensible or realistic.”
Boundaries THEY place on OUR dreams.
The best and the greatest – for generations – have stated,
You have to see the invisible to sculpt something new.

You gotta be devoted and delusional, possessed, and unusual,
You have to look differently to be one of the crazy few.
So stop stopping your dreaming based on what other’s AREN’T seeing,
And set your sights on your own unviewable view.

They’re not supposed to see it.
You were born to free it.
That’s why that vision was gifted to you.



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