It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about evolving who you become. Life is a work in progress. And we are at our best when we try to be a little better, a little smarter, a little quicker, each day. The competition is always internal, no matter the noise on the outside. But learning ourselves is the toughest part. It’s where everything breaks, and begins.

Starts with our values. Once we find them, they should stay steady. But everything else is in constant flux. We discover and rediscover our purpose. We write and rewrite our principles. Our passions sway over time. We step in and out of relationships, and fall over and under love.

Colors fade and settings change.

The journey is not straight, or narrow. The climb is not easy. And we often look nothing like when we started.

And really, that’s the lesson.

That’s the point… Staying firm to our foundation, while letting the fragments fray as we go. Morphing into something greater, without losing our original essence. Bear into dove. Rabbit into wolf. Caterpillar into dragon…

Unleashing the animal within.

Evolving. While staying true. That is our challenge and our opportunity. That is why we walk this walk. But no matter what the compass reads, the key is that we‘re always moving. Learning is a specific direction. And forward is the only way.

Grow as we go. And then keep going…

Grateful for a beautiful 2018. Ready to keep going. Happy New Year everyone.