Something’s are too beautiful to watch.

Too perfect for vision.

They’re too pure for eyes and too pristine for sight.

You have to experience them with all your senses. Taste their elegance and touch their charm… Hear their grace.

You have to soak in their sophistication and breathe in their brilliance.


I spent a week in Prague and Budapest – two of Central Europe’s most precious jewels – and was dazzled. While my days were packed with work, I found some time in the evenings and weekend to explore… and instantly fell in love.

Prague surprised me. I had heard stories of its notorious nightlife, but its daytime beauty was what truly captivated me.

The cool, calmness of the streets… The allure and angles of the architecture… the romance of the bridges.. The whole city feels like a painting… and sounds like a symphony… violin and piano… A living work of art.

If Prague is a painting, Budapest is a sculpture… Hand-crafted, fine-tuned, and perfectly molded into a carving of contrasts that fit flawlessly together… the history and mystery of the “Buda” side, flanked by the energy and modernity of the “Pest” side, separated by the natural splendor of Europe’s 2nd largest river… There’s a symmetry and balance to the city that’s savored with every step.

It’s become one of my favorite places in the world.

Both cities were absolutely, undeniably beautiful… In both form AND feeling…  And the imprint they left stayed with me… It made me question myself, and rethink my thinking…

If I could appreciate this depth of beauty in places, what about in People?

Unfortunately, when it comes to people, our perception of beauty too often swims on the surface. We cast a one-dimensional view on a multifaceted phenomenon.

At least, I have…

For most of my life, I’ve let my eyes tell the tale. Not out of shallowness or ignorance, but out of ease and immaturity… Sight speaks in seconds. Depth takes time… And guts.

I appreciated character and intellect and wit… but it’s always been more convenient to chase the shape… more exhilarating to seduce the shell… So I let that pursuit trump all others.

But Experience is evolving me…

There are beautiful women – beautiful people – everywhere, in every city, all around you. The real question is how do you define Beauty? How do you sense it and feel it?

Can you recognize real, and distinguish disguise?

If we limit our assessment of beauty to “sight”, then we’re missing most of the magic… we’re short-changing the journey

If the standard is solely superficial, the search is endless, and exhausting…

True Beauty – Prague beauty, Budapest beauty – attracts all the senses… It opens your heart and stimulates your mind as much as it taunts your body and supercharges your hormones.

And it lingers… it hangs and hovers… it soaks into your skin and fills your thoughts, even after the visual is long gone.

What we see is just the beginning… What we uncover tells the whole story.

This has been one of the hardest life lessons for me to learn. And I’m still trying to fully embrace it… and Act on it… But I understand it now. And I know that if we can elevate our explorations beyond the external, we’ll find ourselves in a very, very beautiful place.


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