When I was 15, and bussing tables at the neighborhood Fuddruckers, my dad would come by every Sunday and order a burger and fries during my shift.

When I was 19, at the The University of Texas at Austin, and decided to major in Communications instead of Medicine or Engineering like the rest of my family, my dad told me the words on the “paper” (diploma) didn’t matter, my happiness did.

A year later when I was selling cell phones for Sprint, my dad cancelled his service with another carrier, bought a Sanyo 4500 phone from me, and switched to Sprint because I said the service was much better. Sorry about that one dad lol…

When I graduated college, and was offered a job at Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH, my dad brought us some burgers from Fuddruckers to celebrate.

When I was promoted twice in two years, becoming one of the youngest managers at P&G, my dad sent me a top 10 list of all these great accomplishments people did before they turned 30. He added me on to the list.

When I started the #besomebody blog in 2011 as a personal passion project and place to share my writing, my dad read and commented something positive on every single post. I wrote over 200 of them. (I wrote one last week, and he commented on that one too)…

When I decided to leave P&G to go to GoPro, everyone said I was crazy leaving a great career at a Fortune 20 company to work in a two-story white cottage on the edge of the Pacific Ocean with a team of surfers to sell a funny looking camera. My dad said it sounded “really cool”.

And ever since 2013, when I decided to pursue my passion full-time and build Besomebody into a brand and company that made a difference, through all the ups and downs, my dad has been one of my steadiest supporters…

No matter which path I’ve chosen in life, my dad has always believed. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad.


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