Thanks for making 2013 an incredible year. It was just 10 months ago – feels like 10 years – that I left behind everything I had to go ALL IN on building #besomebody into something that helped people across the world… Something that made people FEEL something.

I believed that if we could help people reconsider their lives and revaluate how they’re living, we could begin to create something that’s never been built before…  Make people think about what they love and who they love and why they’re not loving either enough…

Force them to ask themselves the tough questions and admit to themselves the ugly answers. Find their truth in the darkest of places and then follow their failures to the light… Punch them in the stomach while others patted them on the back.

Because sometimes you need to get your ass kicked. Sometimes you need to get your head rattled… Sometimes you need someone to lift you up by the scruff of your neck, shake you out of your acceptance-of-average, and show you what you’re missing. Drop you face-first into your fears and head-on into your haters. Remind you of your potential. And just tell you “it’s OK… go do what you love… Go chase that crazy dream… Go follow your passion.”

This year we learned that what we’re building is REAL.

1. We learned that we’re all a part of the most adventurous and ambitious generation of our time. A generation not defined by ages or alphabets, but by stimuli. We’re all being hit by the same messages and exposed to the same secrets, and we truly believe that if we want something bad enough – bust your ass, beat your body, and break-down-the-bullshit-kinda-bad – we can get it.

2. We learned that everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves. But to do that, you usually have to give up a piece of you. But the cool thing about #besomebody, is that the best way to be apart of it, is to do what YOU love, follow YOUR PASSION, go ALL IN on it, and share it with the world. People will often tell you that following your passion is selfish. It is not selfish. It’s actually one of the most selfless things you can do, because along the way, you inspire others to believe it’s possible for them to do the same thing… The best way to inspire OTHERS is to do what you love.

3. We learned that there’s power in words. There’s something about the term “#besomebody” that deeply connects with people all over the planet. Whenever anyone hears it or sees it or feels it, it becomes THEIRS. It’s intuitive, and instantly personal. We travelled over 50,000 miles, from Mexico City to Manhattan to Manila, and realized people are drawn to it because “#besomebody” represents your personal passion. There’s never been a platform that’s been broad enough to bear the burden of Passion for the world, because passion is way too big, way too diverse, and means way too much to too many different people. But because #besomebody is about YOU, and that word gives YOU permission to own it, leaving it open and inclusive, we believe we can create a Platform that’s never been built before.

4. We learned that PASSION is the most overused and underserved word in human history. That’s because every single one of us knows the power of following our passion, but 99.9% don’t go ALL IN on it. Because we’re scared. Or insecure. Or unsure. Or full of it… We learned that when we call ourselves out, we can do big things. And if the people and systems around us can help us, we can do ANYTHING.

5. We learned that the world isn’t organized by Passion. Which is a big reason people have trouble following theirs. Everything from educational curriculums to fitness programs to our 9-5 jobs to technology. The algorithms that power the world aren’t centered on passion. And that doesn’t make sense to us. We want to change that. With your help, we WILL change that.

And lots of you, so many of you, all around the world, have told us you feel the same. In your own ways and through your own experiences. In just 10 months the #besomebody community has grown more than 3000%. We’ve built social followings of hundreds of thousands of people on multiple networks. And our content now reaches more than 4 million people in over 180 countries every week…. But we’re still so small. We are tiny. And that’s the exciting part.

We are building the World’s Platform for Passion. We want to enable people all over the world to explore, discover and unleash their passions through content, experiences, and tools. And we want to do it in away that’s never been done before – with all of you helping us shape it and steer it and share it.

We’re building this from the “inside out.” Grassroots, with real people, real conversations, and real challenges. We’re flipping the whole damn model, and continuing to show the world what we can build when we focus on how we make people feel, instead of what we make them buy.

We want you to decide what #besomebody means to YOU, so we can help bring that to the world. We are building this TOGETHER. This is our movement. This is our brand. This is our platform. This is our chance to throw away all the nonsense, negativity , bullshit, and excuses, and create a life that is focused on our PASSION. ALL IN.

But we need your help to keep building. The easiest way to do that is to use and share the #besomebody hashtag as much as possible. Put it in your profiles, use it in your content, paint it on rooftops. Let that word work its magic.  And most importantly, share your passions. Live them. Trust me, you will inspire others along the way.

We’re also introducing our  “Inspired by #besomebody” program. A global network of artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, brands, businesses, events and organizations – all making the choice and taking the chance to go ALL IN on their passions. People and groups that are done tiptoeing on the cliff, and ready to dive into a life with more meaning. The more we connect, the more we can help and push each other. There’s no cost to you – because you’re already paying the price for your dream – and there’s a whole lot to gain. You can apply here.

And finally, we’re growing our team. We’re looking for talented people – content creators, developers, and brand builders  – to help us create passion-centric content, experiences, products, tools and technology. People who are motivated and ready to Recreate the Universe with PASSION at the Center. Sound awesome? Hit us up here.

Thank you for making 2013 so special for #besomebody. And, for me personally, the most magical and memorable year of my life. In 2014, we push the bar even higher. This is just the beginning…