This blog is 2 months old. And he’s a handful.

He needs constant attention, he’s always hungry, and he damn sure drools a lot… but, he IS startin’ to rock & roll a little…

Sleep is pipe-dream… but somehow it doesn’t matter much because he’s pretty cool to look at, and even more fun to play with…

But the best part is all the love this little Baby has got from all of you… I really appreciate all of your support – messages, emails, texts, BBMs, DMs, high-fives, thumbs up, phone calls, guest posts, and comments… means a lot.

One of our early milestones on the #besomebody blog is a Testimonial tab we’re launching next week… It will share some of  the feedback we’ve already received, as well as allow you to share your thoughts – on anything – whenever you feel like it…

Following your passions isn’t always easy, but you guys make it worth it. Thank you.

Some of the coolest stuff we’ve received have been videos of you and your families bringing #besomebody to life at home… Thanks to Kamran and Myra Shaikh, Megan and Jarvis Lemon, and Christina Mendez and Khushboo Kamara for sending in clips of YOUR #besomebody babies in action…

Here’s a little taste of your future stars on film… 🙂


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