Don’t Worry About the Trophies

Don’t Worry About the Trophies

Grateful for the highs, lows and all the spaces and places in between.

Keep believing, keep working and keep going. It’s not about the wins and losses. And it’s not even about getting to a specific position or reaching a certain height, because those points are always moving. The playbook is always changing. The bar is always rising, and, if you want to be great, you’re usually the one pushing it higher…

So it’s not about reaching the top or claiming any trophy. The process is the prize. The journey. You gotta fall in love with it – even on its angry days; even when it leads you to uncomfortable turns and pushes you to dark places.

Because no matter how ugly or different or long or challenging the path, it’s YOURS. All of it.

So, through it all, try to be thankful for those steps. Be grateful for that journey. That’s true happiness.