It’s Time to Move

It’s Time to Move

You will never grow standing still.

You need to move. You need to see different places. You need to experience different things.

You need to shake hands and share laughs with people who look nothing like you.

You need to learn to ride foreign subways and wander unfamiliar streets.

For sure, “travel” is the ideal. It’s amazing – better than any Ivy League education. I learned more in my travels in the US and abroad than in any other scenario or setting (46 countries and 48 states of lessons). It’s always-on inspiration. Your senses come alive and your mind is turned on. Your creative juices erupt and flow.

But I know we all can’t hop on a plane whenever we want. And that’s ok.

If you can’t visit another country, go see another state. If you can’t see a new state, drive to another city. If you can’t do that, jog to another neighborhood. If that’s not possible, walk to a different corner of your driveway…. whatever you do, just MOVE.

This world has so much depth and so many layers. To really see it, to really appreciate its beauty and understand its pain, you have to view it from different angles.



What Will You Decide Today?

What Will You Decide Today?

There’s nothing more powerful than your decision to decide.

Decide what you want.

Decide how bad you want it.

Decide how far you’ll go and how much you’re willing to go through.

Decide where you belong, what you believe, and who you believe in.

Decide who you are, and who you want to become.

Those decisions – when certain, sustained, and purpose-driven  – send shockwaves into the universe. Invisible arrows shot into a welcoming sky, targeting your passions and carving out your path. Piercing through all the “somedays” and excuses. Cutting to the chase.

It starts with the smallest of steps – those subtle yet forceful intentions – and builds as you go.

There is only one thing to do today… DECIDE.



Stop Being Realistic

Stop Being Realistic

I don’t believe in being “realistic.”

Realistic is just a limit we allow others to place on our own dreams.

It’s someone else’s boundary.

It’s another person’s fears and experiences and insecurities, spoken as an absolute truth.

But your truth is what you define it to be.

Your path is what you decide it to be.

And if you have the belief, the passion and the work ethic, you can create anything…

But first, you have to stop being realistic.



You Might Not Want To Be Great

You Might Not Want To Be Great

Greatness is a lonely road.

Most people don’t want to be great.

Because it’s harder. And harsher. And more inconvenient.

It demands too much of your time and requires too much of your attention.

It is big and loud and needy.

It’s a beautiful masterpiece that people would rather stare at from a distance than paint with their own hands.

Watch, and not touch.

Admire, not unleash…

When you choose greatness you instantly downsize your ability to connect and converge and communicate with the majority of the people around you.

Because you stop speaking “average.” And stop accepting “ok.” And “nice” becomes just too damn low of a bar.

Most people would rather play it safe and simple and stationary than take the steps necessary to spark their unlit soul.

And when you choose greatness, you’re always burning. Blazing. A fearless flame…

The decision to be great – to live your greatness, your best and most passionate life – is lonesome.

But keep going…



Stop Stopping Too Soon

Stop Stopping Too Soon

It’s not about winning.

It’s about how you react when you lose. How you improve and evolve and grow.

It’s about learning to take a punch and some shoves and a few cheap shots, and then becoming a better fighter.

It’s about manufacturing your own toughness while manifesting your own vision. All while getting your ass kicked.

Failure is not only part of the path, it’s the pavement.

Losing is the only way.

The key is to keep going despite the defeats. Sounds simple enough, but most people stop way too soon, and far too short. Just keep moving.

That’s how you get to where you want to go.