If You Are Not LOSING Right Now, You Will Never Win

If You Are Not LOSING Right Now, You Will Never Win

In every part of life, you lose more than you win.

Business, entrepreneurship, sports, relationships. No matter who you are or what you’re chasing, life has an uncanny way of kicking your a$$. And, the bigger the stages and bolder the places you pursue, the more punches you take.

But life is not about sliding through unscathed.

It’s about breaking free in a body of beautiful bruises and hard-earned scars. It’s about keeping your heart clean and your mind clear, while you crawl through the dirt and destruction. It’s about growing thick skin and concrete ears, so you can ignore the hecklers and haters on the sidelines.

It’s about believing in yourself and your vision so much, so passionately – so delusionally – that you are crazy enough to keep creating.

Because FAILURE is not only part of the Path, it’s an enabler of it. Losing is the only way.

All those hits make you a better fighter. All those falls make you a better climber. And each time you sink, you learn how great you swim. So when you lose, take a moment to absorb, reflect, learn, and be grateful…

Then, keep going. You’re right where you’re supposed to be.