This is the Only Thing that Will Keep You Going

This is the Only Thing that Will Keep You Going

Create a dream.

Follow my passion…

It’s been way harder than I ever imagined.

We’ve done a lot, but most of the time when you’re building your own company or creating your own path, it seems as though you lose way more than you win.

Losing is part of the process.

Getting your ass kicked is par for the course.

It’s how you react and reposition and revise – while staying true to the core mission – that matters.

Then, most of it is about people.

The right people.

Finding people who support the fun, sexy stuff is easy.

Finding people who see the full vision is really, really hard.

Finding people willing to work for it – and build it with you – is damn near impossible.

But I think that’s how it’s supposed to be.

That’s why it’s *your* dream. And your vision.

No one is supposed to see it as clearly as you.

Not many people are supposed to fully “get it.”

And just because they don’t, doesn’t mean it’s not real or powerful or true.

You just have to keep believing and building and evolving and learning.

Keep going…

This entrepreneurship game is not for the faint of heart.

But the only thing that will consistently push you forward is what’s INSIDE your heart.

Your love for what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it for.

The love of the journey, as much as the love of the end result…

That’s what keeps you going.

That’s what I believe.
On we go.



This is the Most Important Realization to Come to Today

This is the Most Important Realization to Come to Today

In this lightly dusted, highly manicured social media world we live in, we rarely know or notice or acknowledge the trials and troughs and tribulations that those around us go through.

We’re connected by likes and hearts and dancing emojis but there’s so much more depth – and, at times, darkness – that we all face far beneath the reaches of our news feeds.

Not the surface level noise or superficial negativity that clutters so much of our social surroundings.

I’m talking about the struggles that go on in silence.

The relationships that aren’t as pretty as our profile pictures.

The weekends we’re not proud of and the check-in’s we don’t want anyone else to see.

Alone and away from any meme or mention or comment string…

Although it’s often hidden or hiding, we all are going through something.


That realization alone works wonders in enabling awareness, and love, and understanding.

It’s a simple but powerful equalizer…

We all have our hopes and our hurts.

Our highs and our goodbyes.

Our wishes and misses…

When you realize that we all share these common bonds of pain and suffering and joy and laughter, and when you remember we all dream and try and cry.

That’s when you learn that what unites us is much greater than what divides us.

That we are ALL a lot more similar than we are different.

And that’s why I truly believe that we’re all in this together…

Keep fighting your fight. We all got your back.



Stay Dedicated at the Detours

Stay Dedicated at the Detours

The surface level decorations of Entrepreneurship get all the attention, but it’s the deeper decisions, detours and dilemmas that dictate the journey.

The dedication you have to the mission. To the cause.

Everything that’s real happens in the trenches, and the things that matter most go unseen…

How you handle change and challenge and adversity and setbacks and confusion and dissenters and lovers and fans and frauds and wins and losses and heartbreak.

Your ability to stay insanely focused on the vision, be completely present in the moment, and then be incredibly open to whatever twists and turns may, and will, happen in between…

We have a long way to go at Besomebody, but we are focused and we are committed and we believe.

And we are giving it all we got.

And we will do whatever it takes to help people live their passions.



You Need to Decide to be Great

You Need to Decide to be Great

You will taste and you will try,

you will question and you will cry,

you will compete against your peers and then retreat toward your fears,

you will fight and you will fall,

you will rise and you will crawl,

you will believe in the dream and then unweave at the seams,

you will hurt and hunt and holler and hate…

And then, when you’re ready,

you will DECIDE to be GREAT.



This Is What Happens When You Go All In

This Is What Happens When You Go All In

I called bullsh*t on myself four years ago.

I called myself out – and walked away from everything that I once thought was important – to go all in on my passion.

I got tired of listening to my excuses.

I finally decided to stop wishing and waiting and wondering… and just go for it.

The road has been much harder than I ever imagined.

The glitz wears off the dream the first time you get your ass kicked.

And there are a lot of beatings that come quickly after that.

Some really, really smart plans haven’t worked.

Some great ideas fell inches short.

Some good teammates called it quits.

The highs have been intoxicating – that feeling of creation and connection is a beautiful drug.

The lows have been ugly.

In entrepreneurship, failure is a daily activity.

Learning is breathing, and breathing is learning.

But as long as you keep working, you become a better animal.

As long as you stay focused, you find the fleeting answers.

And as long as you stay true – to yourself, to the vision, and to the people you’re building it for – then good things happen…

At least that’s what I believe.

And the whole journey – every single sideways step of it – is the best part.



This Is What You Discover on the Road

This Is What You Discover on the Road

Life on the road is full of contrasts.

It’s both liberating, and lonely.

It’s isolating, and inspiring.

It’s movement of body met by stillness of mind…

You go so far, and see so much, but you learn the most about yourself.

World exploration leads to self discovery.

And the combination of experiences you mistakenly seek and mysteriously find lead you to exactly where you’re supposed to be…

I believe the magic happens within these contrasts.

You uncover everything in the intersections: passion, purpose, love

You manifest your greatest self.

And then, just when the weight of the wander becomes a bit too much to bear… It’s time to go home.



The Magic in The Middle

The Magic in The Middle

The Middle of the journey is lonely.

No crowds like at the start.

No medals like at the finish.

No chanting or clapping or cheering.

No bands playing and no cars honking.

No sidelines streaming with supporters…

Just you. And your dream.

Alone in the center of your vision.

One foot in front of the other.

The quiet noise of your unnoticed breath, and the steady beat of your fully-focused steps, dancing together in perfectly imperfect rhythm.

It’s easy to burst out of the starting blocks, and exciting to race toward the finish line.

But the Middle is where the magic happens…

The Middle is where your muscles grow.

The Middle is where your dream takes shape.

The Middle is where you lose your way or confirm your direction.

The Middle is where you ask yourself the most honest, most painful of questions:

“Is it worth it?”

“How much further?”

Should I stop?“….

The Middle is where you decide to keep going.



This Is the Best Way to Win Arguments

This Is the Best Way to Win Arguments

I’ve learned that the strongest arguments are made with the softest voice.

You don’t have to be loud to be powerful.

You don’t have to yell to prove a point.

You don’t have to debate, or dispute, or defend.

You just have to believe…

If YOU know it, and YOU believe it, no one can ever take it from you.

There’s no need to fight for something that’s already yours.

Believe it yourself.

Believe IN yourself.

And then, a whisper will do just fine.